Being a gym-goer is more than a hobby. It’s a passion; a way of life. In essence, it defines you as a human. Therefore, it’s only natural that your lifestyle should accommodate your need to exercise on a regular basis.


Having your favourite gym shirt and shorts is one thing. But modern life is very fast paced. The chances are that you head straight from work or college to the gym. Or maybe you go first thing in the morning. Either way, you’ll be required to make that transition from gym to outside world on a daily basis.

With this in mind, it’s important to have fashion items that are practical and stylish. Here’s everything you need to know.

Great Sports Watch

It wasn’t that long ago that sports watches were deemed unfashionable and unsuited to most work environments. However, that’s all changed thanks to modern technology. With the right selection, it’s now very acceptable.

The Apple Watch is the leading candidate. But there are various other products on the market. Their tech functions can help you monitor calorie burning and a whole host of other features. For many, they are now seen as a luxury item.

And as a genuine gym lover, they’re perfect for your active lifestyle too.


You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes. In truth, the right footwear should be a priority at all times. This is especially true when living an active lifestyle, as ill-fitting shoes can bring problems for your feet.

It’s always worth paying a little extra money for added comfort and style, especially if the footwear is suitable to wear out on the street too. Air Jordan’s are highly regarded as a very fashionable trainer, and they are great for various sporting activities too.


Gym Bag

The gym isn’t a fashion parade, and you don’t have to look your best at all times. However, you should still take some pride in your appearance. One item that must be dumped is your old and grotty gym bag.

Don’t just ditch it, replace it with a more versatile option. JanSport backpacks are perfect for heading to the gym or indeed anywhere else. They are the perfect addition for any gym-goer that leads a hectic lifestyle. Besides, the unique designs will help it stand out from the sea of boring black sacks too.

Sports Keychain Lanyard

There’s nothing worse than heading to the gym and trying to carry all your items without any pockets. If you’ve got your bag, then there’s a great form of storage. Nevertheless, there are certain items that you’ll want on your possession. House keys are amongst them.

Sports lanyards are a cheap accessory. But they make everything a little bit easier. Ultimately, those comforts are something that every gym-lover can appreciate.

See, you don’t always have to spend the big bucks to improve your life. Besides, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing your keys. With this addition, that will never be a problem again. Meanwhile, it will stop you from forgetting your locker key too.