Like to wear yoga pants all the time even when you're not working out? Activewear may be hot, but it might just have some nasty side effects you don't want to get. Ranging from yeast infections to skin rashes, and acne, one dermatologist is saying that there are many types of skin conditions that can occur as a consequence of wearing this type of clothing.

Dr. Michael Eidelman says workout clothes like yoga pants hold sweat closer to the skin.

The body becomes a breeding environment for backteria as warmth and moisture become trapped within tight fitting clothing.

One issue is folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicle that results from tight clothes or chafing.

This results in damaging or blocking of the follicles.

Folliculitis is often found on te upper backs due to sports bras.

Then..there's fungus and yeast infections that are caused by wearing moist clothing for too long.

There's also jock itch, a fungal infection found on the inner thigh, genitals, and buttocks.

Another skin condition is intertrigo, which is a rash that flares up from moist areas in the folds of the body including armpits, inner thigs, butt creases and underboobs.

Last but not least, there's acne.

The solution? Don't wear it for too long and don't wear it for long if it's sweaty and wet.

Showering and changing after will help.

And you probably don't want to wear it the whole day either.

Sounds...easy, right?