Got no butt? Then you'll know the struggle, but there's a good chance that you''re pretty used to it too. Still, you'll always be trying to get Jen Selter-like buns. Now, if only you didn't have such a flat one to begin with...

1. You endure the daily struggle of trying to find a pair of pants that actually look good on your butt.

2. You constantly wish your butt had the power to change lives

3. You’ve watched way too many instructional twerking videos on YouTube, but you know that despite your efforts, you’ll never be able to ACTUALLY twerk

4. Riding a bike is a form of mild torture for you.

5. And sitting on someone’s lap is a mild form of torture for them.

6. On more than one occasion you’ve been referred to as “pancake butt.”

7. You’ve tried every different butt pose and none of them work. Because you have no butt to pose.

8. Finding bathing suit bottoms that fit has proven to be one of your greatest challenges in life.

9. You’ve tried every single buns of steel exercise

10. and still, your butt situation remains hopeless.

11. The belief that some number of squats can transform you into Nicki Minaj.

12. There is naught with which to twerk.

13. No. Cushioning.

14. You work hard to avoid bottoms with clothing/logos on them

15. That thing where it’s ALMOST like you have a butt, if you bend over at a 90-degree angle

16. When you lose weight, your butt goes first.

17. You watch as many workouts as possible to achieve this.

18. When you lie down, it's flatness all over.

19. Definitely no cushioning.