A new fitness viral test has emerged and this time it's just for girls. This latest is known as the 'behind the back breast grab' challenge. The test is supposed to indicate the fitness level based on whether or not one can reach her arm behind her back to grab her breast.

Admittedly, this looks tough.

Even guys probably can't do this.

The challenge probably evolved from the 'belly button challenge,' that appeared back in June.

The premise of this challenge is no different. If you can reach the front from behind, you're fit.

Is this fit, or is this just insanely flexible?

This somehow looks impossible. Or someone just has really long arms.

The back breast grab has already garnered more than 50 million views on Weibo.

Probably because people would really like to see how impossible this is.

Or possible?

Is everyone here a contortionist?

Can you do it?

Give it a shot.

Don't hurt yourself, though.