British comedies can make you forget that a lot of the characters in the show are actually bigger asses than their comedic demeanor make them out to be. Love Actually is actually a terrible movie. Here's why.

1. This guy. He lays the moves on his best friend's wife. Great guy!

2. Because earlier in the film, he tried being an ass to her and that didn't work at all for him.

3. This guy, who said, "Try my lovely nuts."

4. Is also the guy who said, "I'm Colin, god of sex." (Not.)

5. Harry, the boss, practically forces an employee to engage in sexual relations with a co-worker. Great boss!

6. Mia, always flirting with a married man. Adultery ftw!

7. Harry, the boss, buys Mia an expensive necklace.

8. But gives his wife a Joni Mitchell album. True love!

9. People keep calling Natalie..fat.

10. Karen says this to Daniel when he's mourning his wife.

11. The first thing Jamie says in Portuguese to Aurelia is to marry him. Smooth. Fastest way to get laid..?

12. Absolutely zero employer/employee boundaries.

13. Billy Bob Thornton is a womanizer in the show.

14. Erm, plus he's the POTUS.

15. And a bonus repeat of the guy who laid moves on his best friend's wife. Yes. This great guy again.