What's better than studying medicine and dating people your own age? How about having 11 sugar daddies? This is 19-year-old Colver Pittilla, a former medical student who decided to give up looking for true love and instead, look for lonely older men who will give her money and gifts for her company.

Colver advertises herself as a "sugar baby" and has dated eleven older men.

From bankers to CEOs to restaurant owners.

She says, shamelessly:

“I’ve had eleven sugar daddies so far, including three or four serious ones. Boys do nothing but mess you around. At least if a sugar daddy breaks my heart, I can cry into a brand new pair of Manolo Blahniks.   But I’m a very mature 19. With young guys you get nothing but heartache, and all they want is sex. I want more than this.”

Her first date with a sugar daddy was with a 34-year-old restaurant owner from London.

Other sugar daddies have brought her on trips to Singapore and Dubai and one even wanted to pay for her medical school tuition and put her up in her own posh London flat.

She backed out, because he probably wanted to have tons of sex?

Isn't that what all sugar daddies want, anyway?