There are many unexpectedly exciting moments to live through after you undertake breast augmentation surgery. These wonderful moments will live with you long afterwards and make sure that you remember this time fondly.

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One that you perhaps haven’t ever thought about is the trip you will need to make to buy some new bras afterwards. This is when you are likely to first fully understand the amazing changes in your body and how they make you feel. 

It is a great feeling to head out to shop for new, bigger bras but do you know the basics to take into account in order to get this just right? The following are some of the most important points that you should bear in mind.

Understand Your New Size

It can take you some time to fully appreciate your new bra size, as the initial swelling will gradually go down over the first few weeks after the surgery. This means that it is probably best to first of all buy a small amount of bras for this initial period, rather than fully re-stocking all at once.

Once the swelling has gone down it will be clearer what size you need from now on. The best idea is to get your new bra size professionally measured, meaning that from then you can start to choose new models with complete confidence.

Use a Sports or Surgical Bra for Support

For the first few weeks after the surgery you will want to use a sports bra or surgical bra for daily use. The reason for this is to give you the maximum level of support at this time, while compressing your breasts rather than pushing them up.

You should wear this new bra all day, every day until the effects of the surgery have fully settled down. At this point, you can then look at going for the usual type of bra you would normally use or else try out some of the exciting new styles that now suit you.  

Try a Front Closure Model for Convenience

For convenience, you may find that a front closure bra is easiest as first, as they are easier to get into following breast surgery. You will find models especially designed for ladies in your situation if you look online.

Otherwise, there is nothing at all to stop you looking at models from your favorite store or manufacturer. If you have a friend who has had the same sort of surgery maybe you can ask her whether she recommends a certain manufacturer or store.

Enjoy the Difference

One thing that you definitely shouldn’t forget to take into account when going shopping for bras after augmentation surgery is that this should be something enjoyable. This is a whole new experience that can make you suddenly realize why you wanted this surgery in the first place.

It is an exhilarating feeling to try on a bigger size than the one you are used to and notice how snugly it fits you and makes you look like your favorite celebrity. If you have spent years and years dreaming of having the surgery to increase your breast size then this is a moment to savor.

Once you get used to the feeling of buying new bras for your bigger size then you should enjoy this type of shopping more than ever before.