Stina Sanders is a model and like every model, she's got an Instagram presence. She recently lost thousands of followers over a series of ordinary, everyday photos. That's right. People didn't want to see the real her. They wanted to see something else!

Hailing from London, she is known to upload glamorous shots of herself.

She's been in FHM and Maxim and many more.

After hearing former Instagram model Essena O'Neill's public declaration of the false reality social media promotes, Sanders decided to post up some real pictures too.

So she posted this.

And then this. Snapping more realistic pictures of herself.

Including one of her colonic doctor's appointment, therapy session, bad pedicures, and bad hygiene.

Needless to say, those things cost her. She lost thousands of followers, going from 13,000 to below 10,000.

But her posts didn't just help her lose followers. It helped her gain even more. Ones that were supportive of her too.

She's now increased her count to 21,000.

The model says she doesn't regret her decision to reveal the real side of her.

Were those pictures that bad that people had to unfollow her?