It's always tough when your loved one is far away from you, physically speaking. Out of sight, and out of mind. That's how a lot of long-distance-relationships fail and break down. This one couple knows how to keep things romantic, and their spark alive.

They created a series of connecting photographs to show how their distance can't come between them.

Danbi Shin is based in New York, while Soek Lik, is based in Seoul.

Their photo project collage is titled "Half & Half."

Their collaborative effort is known as "ShinLiArt" and they connect with each other through their photographs.

The lovebirds don't let the fire in their relationship die, and snap everyday photos while on video calls with each other.

Their Instagram is also filled with these.

It's very romantic.

Let's hope they won't be apart for too long.

Check it out: