You decided not to wear a bra today, and there will be consequences. Some of them, maybe bad. Some of them, possibly good. So what will happen? What goes on? Will you regret it? So many questions, but will there be answers?

1. You wonder if it's obvious.

2. Then you realize you don't really care because personal comfort comes first.

3. But then it gets cold and you cover up. So you do care.

4. You try not to sit in front of the air conditioner.

5. Your only defense against it is folding your arms in front of your chest.

6. Because hard nips will draw attention. Eyes on them!

7. Will one day of not wearing a bra cause sagging?

8. Hugging someone will be awkward. You might not want to do it.

9. People who notice will ask you, "Are you not wearing a bra now?"

10. The day you decided to not wear a bra was also the day you somehow had to run.

11. You could be late for an appointment, or something.

12. You envy how men don't need to wear one.

13. There was a time bras didn't even exist.

14. So why do you have to wear one now?

15. You feel so good without the support. But also, a little naked underneath.

16. But you also feel embarrassed and afraid to be in crowded places.

17. What if some grazes your unprotected boob in a crowded place?

18. You've got to be careful when you lean over and not expose yourself.

19. But then you get home, and you routinely take your bra off but realize you didn't wear one.

20. How great was that?