It starts with you. You need to drag yourself off the couch to start working out. But how do you do it if you're lazy? Most of us are! You do these things to yourself. It might just work. Check out the list below.

1. Put on your workout clothes.

2. Write down how you feel after every workout.

3. Remember why you started.

4. Keep doing it and look yourself in the mirror.

5. Ask yourself if you will regret skipping this workout.

6. Sign up for other kinds of workout classes.

7. Or workout in a group.

8. Get addicted to taking pictures of yourself after your workout.

9. Surround yourself with motivation.

10. Give yourself micro-challenges.

11. Give yourself long-term challenges.

12. Work out with people who will cheer you on.

13. Listen to music while you workout.

14. Do it for the pictures:

15. And then flood your newsfeed with them.

16. Make whatever exercise you're doing fun.

17. Think about how much you'll make people envy you.

18. And yearn for your body.

19. Compete with everyone.

20. Tell yourself you didn't just wake up like this.