Big boobs are both a gift and a curse at the same time. Here are some of the things that most people with big boobs usually complain of. It's a constant struggle and it is inevitably bound to happen. Check it out:

Cleavage happens. All the time.

Hugging becomes awkward because your boobs will reach the person before your arms do.

You grasp yourself anytime you have to run up stairs. Or down stairs.

You might lose food in your boobs.

You can't really lie flat on the beach. You have to get creative..

Seat belts will be in the way.

Boob sweat accompanies you everywhere.

People sometimes ask if your boobs are real.

You can't really buy a lot of clothes you like. They might not fit.

Buttons popping from your shirt. It could happen.

Boobs falling out of your bra, because that's apparently a real thing too.

Pulling your tank top up all the way because your boobs are weighing them down.

Putting on a sports bra is a workout itself.

Bras. You'll find it hard to get the perfect size.

When you spill stuff, it will end up on your boobs first.