Sleeping with the 'help' is not an uncommon thing these days. Gossip pages frequently have that story of a husband cheating on their wives with their nannies. So how can this be avoided? How about not hiring a hot young nanny to begin with?

Nannies are usually very close to their employers because they are caring for the children. The closeness can make sparks fly, especially if they are pretty young and hot to begin with.

Clients of nanny agencies are now requesting someone who is not overly attractive. Their pictures are being screened by the wife.

But sometimes, that doesn't stop the cheating either. One suggestion is to place cameras around the home.

Ben Affleck's nanny / lover.

Another suggestion is for the spouses to interact with each other more often. Communication breakdown is the key killer in a relationship.

And if there's a breakdown somewhere, couples should seek out counseling instead of ignoring it. could do without the hired help. Problem solved?

Gavin's sister was mistaken as his nanny. He probably didn't cheat on Gwen with one but you can't be too careful these days!