A residential complex in Singapore was crowned the World Building of the Year 2015 during last week's World Architecture Festival. The complex is titled 'The Interlace,' and it consists of 31 apartment blocks arranged in a 'hex-angle' and stacked diagonally on top of each other.

Truly, it's quite an impressive look:

The complex was designed by Ole Scheeren:

The concept behind The Interlace was to figure a way to create high-density housing without constructing another tower block.

The Interlace has 170,000 square meters and 1,400 square units.

31 apartment blocks arrnaged in a hexagonal configuration on an eight hectare site.

It stands six stories high and 70 meters long.

The award of World Building was given to it because it was an "example of bold, contemporary architectural thinking."

Here's what The Interlace is about:

The Interlace is one of the most ambitious residential developments in Singapore’s history, generating an intricate network of living and social spaces intertwined with the natural environment. Instead of following the default typology of housing in the region–clusters of isolated towers–the vertical is turned horizontal…

Definitely more interesting than the conventional condo types.