You'd like to say goodbye to your bra, but it's highly unlikely you will. But just imagine if you could. Would there be any reason to? There are at least 15 we can think of. But still, don't burn your bra just yet.

1. Bras are uncomfortable.

2. Even your favorite bra can betray you.

3. Bras can ruin nice backless dresses.

4. A strapless bra has never been a friend to anyone.

5. Bras cost money.

6. It's so hard to get the right size.

7. Bras can physically hold you back in life.

8. Bras can pinch back fat.

9. The best thing about the end of a day is when you get to take your bra off.

10. Wardrobe malfunctions happen.

11. Strap twists.

12. Awkward tan lines.

13. Washing your bras is a chore.

14. Nipples are hot. You can't deny that.

15. Bras don't last forever.