Having a big butt is like both a curse and a gift. It's attractive, but yet, it's troublesome. There are some unexpected side effects of having a big posterior. Check out the list below. The struggle is real.

1. Everyone stares.

2. Pants size might be a mystery.

3. Low-waist jeans may be your mortal enemy.

4. Skinny jeans look great, until you start to put them on.

5. The wear and tear of jeans is imminent.

6. Skirts are great but putting on a pencil skirt will make you look instantly NSFW.

7. Wearing spanx might be tough.

8. Wearing leggings. Your only option.

9. You love your heels but they might make your butt look even more bigger.

10. Your lower back never touched the bed.

11. Narrow spaces. You can't fit.

12. You have no control over whatever happens behind you.

13. You might also unknowingly bump into another human being.

14. Butt-dialing may be a real thing for you.

15. Butt envy is real. People without them will feel inferior.