Some people are so beautiful to look at, it's unimaginable and you can just stare at them for hours end. Kuwaiti actor Abdul Aziz Al Kassar is so handsome, he causes public disturbances. He was recently arrested in Saudi Arabia for upsetting public order. All because he was too handsome.

Al Kassar paid a visit to Saudi Arabia last week for work and wanted to spend some time shopping in his free time.

But he's famous and super handsome, and fans recognized him. This is what happened:

Al Kassar was "rescued" by a white-clad officer and taken back to a room but he turned out to be a "religious officer" and was thus arrested.

The famous actor may be prosecuted for mixing with women unrelated to him and abusing social media, using it to meet women and take pictures with them, which are all illegal by Sharia Law.