Insta-famous model, Sjana Earp, is standing up against all the haters who have been criticizing her slener figure. She aims to empower people to embrace their own unique body shapes. Also, it helps that she's pretty darn hot herself. No wonder she's not affected!

Hailing from Australia, Earp has 1 million followers on Instagram.

She's known for posting her lifestyle pictures.

Often times, in yoga poses on the beach.

Cyberbullying and hateful comments are bountiful of course, unfortunately.

But Earp recently spoke out in defense of her 'imperfect body.'

She said, "Just because I have a very slender frame does this mean I should shame my own body and others that are also this way?"

“I am so much more than a body — I know that. I am not defined by numbers or by other people’s opinions of me."

"And the body I have, as imperfect or ‘skinny’ or ‘gross’ as people may think it is, is my imperfect body and I am happy with it despite their irrelevant opinions.”

Obviously, no hating is getting through her.

After all, why should it?

She's gorgeous.

And comfortable in her own skin.