Want them hot legs? If you're not genetically gifted, then you've got to work out. But what do you do and how do you do them and what sort of results are you expecting? Every one wants a pair of head-turning ones. Check out some of the exercises you can do:

Do 8 walking lunges (alternating sides):

Do 8 push-ups:

Do 8 dumbbell glute bridges:

Do 8 side forearm plank lifts (per side):

Do 8 bent-over dumbbell rows:

Do 10 to 12 Romanian deadlifts:

Do 10 to 12 clamshells (per side):

Do 10 to 12 single-leg glute bridges (per side):

Do 8 spider lunges.

Do 10 Plank Taps.

Do 50 squats.

Do 15 side lunges.

Do 10 squat jumps.

Do 12 Jumping lunges.

Do 10 Single-leg deadlifts.

Do 15 Reverse Lunges.