How many times do you shower a day? Some people do it once, some people do it twice. Which category do you fall in to? Then, there's also the camp where some only shower in the morning. And some only shower in the night. Which are you?

How many times do you shower a day?


   Twice. At least.

Do you only shower in..

   The mornings.

   At night.

   Both times!

1. You can take your sweet time in the shower because you're not in a rush.

2. You'll fall asleep faster too.

3. You don't have to rush in the morning.

4. Which means you have more time in the morning for SLEEP.


6. You just need to focus on looking hot after that in the morning.

7. It’s so much easier to get your butt to the the gym when you haven’t showered yet that day.

8. You never have to fight your early-rising roommates for bathroom time.

9. Which also means you never end up with cold water!

10. You don’t understand how people actually get into their beds DIRTY every night.

11. You're super clean, making your sheets, super clean too!

12. You never have to subject yourself to the pain that is starting your morning all wet and bedraggled.

13. And drying and styling your hair first thing in the morning honestly just seems cruel.

14. Night showers are usually longer. It's your "me-time.

15. Not to mention showering at night is just as hygienic as showering in the morning.

16. Because you know that ending your day hot, wet, and naked is actually where it’s at.