Many of us have sketches of our dream home. It doesn’t exist in the real world, but it’s probably very vivid in your mind. It may be just a few doodles or a comprehensive scrapbook of beautiful drawings and photographs. For most of us, designing our own home remains a dream all our lives. But if you’re lucky enough to acquire a plot of land with planning permission for a dwelling, now could be the time to make those dreams come true.

Land with permission to build will still have restrictions regarding the size or footprint of the property allowed. It may stipulate a certain amount of parking is to be included. The building often needs to meet certain restrictions on environmental impact. These details can be better explained by the architect who will draw up the building plans for you.

Of course, you may already have seen the design and floorplan you want for your new home. You can buy designs like the craftsman house plans that could suit your needs. This will certainly save you months of work with an expensive architect to produce something similar. Some companies are happy to submit the plans and even make tweaks on your behalf. They will satisfy your needs and the regulations of your local authority.

Once the plans are approved, you will need to hire a contractor. Good firms that are reliable and efficient often provide their own project manager. They see your house build through from foundation to topping out. You may then need a second contractor and team to install the fixtures and fittings, or the final fix. Decor often comes last, and will be left to you unless you hire a decorating team. Again, some firms can offer you a full service. Everything will be done on your behalf saving you the time, trouble and extra expenses.

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Of course, the more people you hire to help, the less hands-on you can be. Many of us want to be physically involved when it comes to building our own homes. You need to consider what your skill set is, and negotiate with your contractors the best way to use them. Interior design is something most of us are very passionate about. If you have a clear vision, and you can communicate that effectively, you are certain to get the finish you are looking for.

Most people who build their own home also select new furniture to fit it out. This is one of the best shopping trips in the world! You can create a unique style, choose designer pieces, or even commission bespoke furniture for the property. Don’t forget to include some outdoor furniture. Once you have your outside space landscaped, you will need dining sets and seating.

Designing your own home from the ground up is a wonderful project to take on. You get to choose every little detail from the flooring to the light fittings. And everything can be placed exactly where it suits you. It’s a wonderful way to ensure you can have the lifestyle at home that you really want. Have a happy home.