Earlier this week, a story blew up on social media about an 18-year-old Australian Instagram model by the name of Essena O'Neill who came out and announced that she was quitting social media because it was a lie. Now, a social media CEO, Zack James is blasting her, saying that she was living a lie. Social media is not the lie.

O'Neill has since deleted every trace of her online life. No more YouTube, Instagram, etc. She claimed that the false reality it promoted left her feeling empty despite being pretty popular.

James, CEO of Rise9, has called O'Neill out on blaming social media for her life choices.

Social media can be whatever the user desires it to be. Allowing yourself to become pressured into a false life that you’re uncomfortable with is the result of your own actions and intent. The inability to define yourself, your life, your own sense of confidence comes from a lack of trying to understand yourself.

Check out his post:

Essena O’Neill is wrong; Social Media isn't a lie.Social Media can be whatever the user desires it to be. Allowing...

Posted by Zack James on Monday, November 2, 2015

James also believes that O'Neill wrongly accuses "mankind's greatest communication tool" for the feelings of emptiness she claims to have.

You decide to take money for a dress? That’s your choice. You decide to spend hours taking the right photo. That’s your choice. You decide to live a life that you feel is a lie? That is absolutely your choice.

He added"

Blaming social media, calling it a lie, further shows your lack of attempt to understand yourself. Yes, deleting your Social Media is a step in the right direction. Disowning personal responsibility for your own happiness and shifting the blame is a step backwards.

Hard hit. Will O'Neill respond?

Definitely not with a selfie for sure.