Looking for a different sort of experience on your next holiday? How about renting out celebrity homes on your next vacation? It's definitely something very different compared to just staying in a hotel.

Frank Sinatra’s mid-century abode

Overlooking Palm Springs, Sinatra’s four-bedroom getaway will sleep eight. You can rent the Rat Pack member’s house for $2,600 a night.

Harry Houdini’s hideaway in the Hollywood Hills

Houdini made a name for himself by escaping from impossible situations, so it’s no surprise he owned a home that was a perfect escape from reality. The three bedroom has room to sleep 10, with rates starting at $1,000 per night

Dick Clark’s lakefront home

He built and furnished this lakefront home in Lake Arrowhead, California, which has five bedrooms. The starting rate is $599 a night.

John Steinbeck’s cottage

The one-bedroom cottage has room to sleep five, but if you’re a Steinbeck fan you’ll probably want to use the solitude to work on the next great American novel. The going rate is $180 a night.

Merv Griffin’s equestrian compound

Media mogul Merv Griffin knows how to party. His 39-acre property contains everything from horses to infinity pools, and plenty of room for a large group as it has 10 bedrooms. The going rate is $5,000 a night.

Mickey Rooney’s Topanga bungalow

Just far enough away from the city to provide solace, this two-bedroom getaway will cost you $210 a night.

Orson Welles’ former Hollywood estate

This four-bedroom estate, once owned by the controversial filmmaker, will run you $960 a night.