You must have read Essena O'Neil's social media exit a couple days back. She has since deleted all traces of her life online from Instagram and YouTube. Despite that, two friends of the former Insta-Celeb are now claiming that it was all an act and a publicity stunt.

No longer online:

No trace left!

Twin sisters Nina and Randa Nelson released a video on their YouTube channel adding commentary to O'Neill's video. They believe she made a number of false and exaggerated claims about her success and career.

They hint that her social media crisis may have been prompted by a bad breakup with one of their friends who she met while in Los Angeles.

But O'Neill caught wind and shot back on her blog:

She wrote:

And yes, I quilt all of social media. With 570,000+ followers on Instagram, 250,000+ subscribers on Youtube, 250,000+ on tumblr and 60,000+ average views on snapchat. Tumblr and Snapchat gone forever.

So is this a publicity stunt? What do you think?