Being well-endowed isn't exactly the best thing in the world. But those who don't have it, want it. But those who have it, suffer and don't want so much of it. Here are some of the problems those who are top-heavy face.

1. Finding a bra that actually fits well.

2. Not being able to wear really cute styles because practicality comes first.

3. Eating something without half of it falling straight into your boobs.

4. People constantly giving you eye contact but the position of their head seems a tad lower and aimed at your chest.

5. Having permanent bra strap and underwire marks.

6. Being defined solely by your assets.

7. Holding them while you walk down a flight of stairs.

8. Babies think there's tons of milk in there.

9. People trying to touch them all the time.

10. People accidentally hitting you right in your lady lumps.

11. Being everyone’s human pillow.

12. Having a shirt pop undone at the most inappropriate moment.

13. Having to layer your sports bras so you don’t end up with them coming out of it.

14. Exercise wasn't supposed to be this hard. But it is.

15. Not being able to lie on your back and see anything in front of you.

16. And not being able to lie on your front without squishing your boobs. To death.

17. Not being able to wear a necklace without it falling into the abyss of your boobalas.

18. Never knowing when a boob with betray you, but knowing that it will betray you.

19. Getting boob sweat,  the underboob kind.