Indulging in vice will take a toll on your face. Even food! According to naturopathic doctor and skincare expert Nigma Talib, the food and drinks a person consumes can have instantaneous effects on their face. She categorizes symptoms into four kinds of faces: dairy face, sugar face, wine face, and gluten face.

Wine face:

Pronounced lines or redness between the eyes, droopy eyelids, dehydrated or dry skin with feathery lines across the cheeks, reddish cheeks and nose, enlarged pores, and deep nsaolabial folds.

Dairy Face

Swollen eyelids, bags and dark circles around eyes, small white spots and bumps on chin.

Gluten Face

Puffy red cheeks, dark pigmentation patches or spots around chin.

Sugar Face

Lines or wrinkles on forehead, saggy eyes, gaunt thin face, painful pustular spots on face, thinning of skin, grey or pasty white hue of skin.

Talib says that she can recognize the telltale signs of symptoms for each kind of face. She can immediately tell the sort of foods they tend to overeat by seeing how their face has aged.

So should you be eating less of these things?