Chances are, you don't know that much about your own 'girls.' But that's okay. There's too much to know after all. Here are some of the 20 things that anyone with boobs need to know. They're not just fun to look at. Really.

1. Most people have lumpy and bumpy boobs

2. Coffee makes your boobs more sensitive.

3. Your workout could give you boob pain.

4. Hormones could give you boob pain.

5. Nipplegasms exist. Weird, but true.

6. Boob size is pretty much determined by genetics and weight.

7. Anyone with breast tissue can get breast cancer. Even men.

8. More than 80% of people who get breast cancer don’t have any family history.

9. Nipples and areolae can come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

10. Your boobs won’t automatically get bigger with birth control.

11. Your boobs are made up of a few different things. Mostly fat.

12. Your breast density is the relative amount of functioning tissue to fatty tissue.

13. Saggy boobs are a definite thing in the future.

14. Breast augmentations are still the top cosmetic surgery procedures.

15. Knowing what your normal boobs feel like is more important than a monthly self check.

16. Chest exercises won’t make them perkier.

17. The side of your boob could be more sensitive than your nipples.

18. Most people with breasts should start getting mammograms at age 40, but that’s not always the case.

19. Breast cancer screening isn’t always done by mammograms.

20. Drinking less alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight are two major ways to cut your risk of breast cancer.