Bras. Can't live with them. Can't live without. Either way, if sagging is going to be an eventuality, then keeping them secure and upright for as long as possible is an objective. But of course, here are all the problems we have to deal with.

1. Less fabric doesn’t equal a lower price. In fact, quite the opposite.

2. Huge bra pads. Bane.

3. Push-up bra vs. nipple. Sigh.

4. The squeezing bra. So damn uncomfortable.

5. Perfect cups, but small wings (or the other way around).

6. The “riding up the back” bra. Why!?

7. Useless strapless bra. Common.

8. D cups as endangered species.

9. Size variation. Never perfect. Always different.

10. Grandma design is always more affordable.

11. Inefficient bra. Why doesn't it work as advertised?

12. Straps.

13. Sideboob.

14. Lights on.

15. The “nude” bra.

16. The stabbing bra. Ouuuuch.

17. Finding the design that you really want.