Who doesn't like owning a pool? It's like the perfect symbol of relaxation and a sign you're almost there or you've made it. It's great for hot days. It's great for any day. Except, here's the kicker. You probably don't really use it that much.

1. You actually don't use it often

Before you had access to it, you told yourself you were going to use it a few times a week, every week. Now you use it once a month, if the pool is that lucky.

2. Maintenance is a bitch

Yep, the price of having your own pool isn't cheap. If you live in an apartment, you're actually also paying for the pool in your maintenance fees.

3. It's not exciting when someone asks you to throw a pool party just because you can

It's free for them. But you'll have to do the prepping and cleaning up.

4. Friends will invite themselves over during weekends to chill in your pool

And you're slightly glad because at least the pool will be used. But sometimes you just wish they left you alone.

5. People assume you're a great swimmer

Just because you have a pool.

6. Sometimes you just like to laze on a huge pool float, until it gets stuck at a corner of the pool.

7. Sometimes your friends come over and everybody swims, except you.

Because you're lazy and you can swim whenever you want, which so happens to be never.

8. When you first got the pool, you told everyone about it.

Now, you don't even mention it.

9. You have tried swimming naked

Because, hello, there's nobody around.

10. You've asked someone to get naughty with you in the pool

But never really follow through because.. chlorine.

11. Ironically, you swim more when you go on holiday than you do at home

12. You keep saying you need to go to the beach for a tan

When your home is like a resort anyway.

13. Not all pool parties are like this: