Were suits made for Ryan Gosling or was Ryan Gosling made for suits? Either way, here's checking out the numerous times he's stolen your heart while wearing one. When does this guy ever not look good in anything anyway?

1. Ever-dashing in a suit:

2. He can pull off this color

3. Even simple suits like this look good on him:

4. He's not afraid to be unconventional:

5. It is impossibly hard to look good in this color:

6. He breaks all the suit rules but still looks damn good:

7. He says forget about black. How about an electric midnight blue tux?

8. Double-breasted suit? No problem.

9. This would look boring on most guys, but not Ryan.

10. His suits are fit to perfection.

11. Pin-stripes are so yesteryear, but Ryan just hacks it like it was a walk in the park.

12. He's the most adventurous suit wearing guy.

13. He knows how to look Mad Men good.

14. On anyone else, this would have been a disaster.

15. He pairs it with dark red socks.

16. His perfect hair matches his perfect suit.

17. Even casual suits like this look great.

18. He stands out even when he's in a tux.

19. You can smell the confidence off him in this suit:

20. He makes George Clooney look like a bystander.

21. What's not to love about him in a suit?

22. They are like a match made in suit-heaven.

23. He matches his suit with a hot Eva Mendes.

24. Did we say adventurous already?

25. He customizes his suit!

26. Even the most normal looking suit is happy it is on Ryan Gosling.