There can never be too many home hacks to add to your collection. They're simple solutions to problems that would otherwise cost you a bomb. Anyone can be their own handyman with these easy tricks:

1. SO useful

2. 1/2 cup of baking soda + 1 cup of vinegar will unclog your drains without giving anyone cancer

3. Soften a slamming door with...

4. In case you're sneaking back to your parents' house late at night...

5. Clean a cast iron skillet with coarse salt.

6. Here's a cheap deck cleaner tying a hose & broom together..

7. A rubber band can help remove stripped screws.

8. For that time you walked around in cleats

9. Quick way to freshen the room after a big party

10. For when your pillow becomes overused and flat

11. For everything else, WD-40 can handle the job