No one likes to see overly public displays of affection. Geez. Get a room, will you? But if you didn't get enough of real-life PDA, now it's on Facebook too. You're not going to miss out the action for sure. Check it out.

1. You've seen this before.

2. And now you're seeing this on Facebook:

3. You can't run away from it. (Yes, you can, but not before your eyes catch a glimpse of it)

4. Unfortunately not the same can be said for your Timeline.

5. Everyone has the same thoughts when they see it live.

6. So sometimes people don't know if they should "Like" what you just posted on Facebook.

7. They can't hide their love from the world.

8. They'll make sure everyone knows it.

9. It sucks when you're not part of the party.

10. It is worst when they humblebrag it.

11. You follow your friends out on a trip.

12. Now you're no longer friends.

13. Everyone is speechless when they see PDA.

14. It can be annoying and inconsiderate.

15. But don't worry, it'll end someday, and you'll get notified of it:

16. Only to find them repeating the whole thing all over again with someone new.

17.  Till then, here's why they keep doing it: