The good thing about film is that it lets us take a break from the harshness of reality. But sometimes, they go a tad overboard by showcasing an unrealistic reality that will never exist in real-life. After all, isn't that what film is all about?

1. Everyone has a perfect body

The truth: we come in all shapes and sizes.

2. Super nice hair.

The truth: if only this applied in real-life.

3. Everyone is pretty good looking. And chances are: they are your soulmate.

The truth: looks aren't everything. Don't just go for anyone who looks good. Consider personality too!

4. Courting is pretty easy.

The truth: courting isn't as easy as just dancing and singing and making eye contact. There's a lot more to this!

5. Everyone knowing the lyrics to that song you suddenly burst out singing out loud to.

The truth: life is not a musical.

6. Animals will clean up your mess for you. Plus they are cute.

The truth: you'll call pest control if this happens.

7. As long as someone you know has magic and is willing to help you, your life will be good.

The truth: magic doesn't exist. So don't rely on this.

8. Just about anyone can be capable of acrobatic stunts.

The truth: not everyone can parkour if they wanted to. Not everyone.

9. Animals wearing clothing. Because.

The truth: we're beginning to put clothes on animals these days because it looks cute. So yeah, maybe we'll let this one slide.

10. Animals don't look like animals. More like humans.

The truth: they're just as handsome, but in their own animal way.

11. True love is the solution to every problem.

The truth: it takes more than love to make a relationship work. And it takes more than love to solve problems. Saying 'I love you' doesn't make problems go away.

12. Animals can do human things.

The truth: there are some that can, right now, but fighting with a sword? No, probably not. And thank goodness for that too.

13. Singing will make time fly really fast.

The truth: it will make time fly past really fast, but not like how you see in films.

14. Magical rides exist.

The truth: unless you're on some drug trip, don't expect to find one.

15. Everyone gets a happy ending.

The truth: sadly, not everyone has a happy ending. But it doesn't hurt to hope and work towards one.