It's not clear at what age boobs will shock kids or when they realize they are there. What's clear though, is their reaction is almost somewhat the same. The discovery of it puts them back in their seats. Shocked or excited? We cannot tell. Check it out below:

1. "What the?"

2. "Heh heh."

3. "Gosh, I'm hungry."

4. "There are no apps in there."

5. "Selfie? Huh?"

6. "What in the world are these things?"

7. "I think I've seen those things before!"

8. "What's that line there?"

9. "Stop! What's that?"

10. "My eyes are up there, really."

11. Yes, I'm looking at the "camera."

12. "What could those be, I wonder?"

13. "Hello there.."

14. "I've got my eyes on you.."

15. "Oh my God.."

16. "Erm...."

17. "Wait a minute, what are these?"

18. "Think I've seen those somewhere before, but I can't quite remember.."