This isn't something to be surprised or angry at. The hunter-gatherer theory have always been somewhat true. Back in the stone ages, women would select mates based on their ability to hunt. And men would choose their mates based on their ability to birth children.

From The Washington Post:

Researchers recently uncovered a sharp decline in genetic diversity in male lineages across the world during the Stone Age. The study’s authors hypothesized that material gains made through early agricultural success — a proxy for wealth — gave smaller groups of related men the reproductive upper hand for generations.

“Men who had more wealth and power might have had more to offer to women,” said co-author Melissa Wilson Sayres, an Arizona State University professor who studies sex-biased biology. “Their sons and grandsons could have been more successful in the same way.”

Men who were rich in the stone age had a lot more booty than those that couldn't hunt much.

For every 17 women who passed on their DNA, researchers could find genetic evidence of only one male whose lineage stretched to modern times.

Of course, women today are a whole lot more independent and it seems like the hunter-gatherer roles could finally be blur.