If only schools told you to pay more attention to Microsoft Excel, maybe then you wouldn't have so much trouble mastering it. The fact of the matter is, the moment you hit the workforce, you're bound to have some kind of interaction with the program. Some of us, more so than others. But instead of number crunching all the time, here are some fun 15 things you can do with it.

1. Make traditional Japanese art (by Tatsuo Horiuchi)

2. Make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GIF

Made by Reddit user Hoguemr.

3. Make a portrait of Grumpy Cat.

4. Make a Superman portrait.

5. Make a statistics chart to predict who will win in a boxing match:

6. Track your girlfriend's menstrual cycle.

7. Plan your day with Excel like this:

8. List down your wife's excuses for not wanting to have sex.

9. Keep track of all your online dates:

10. Make a graph of your miserable life. (Don't.)

11. State the obvious with charts:

12. Probability charts:

13. Finish lyrics with Excel:

14. Plot out the number of different M&Ms.

15. Make a stop-motion excel spreadsheet:

See? Excel isn't that boring after all!