It seems like every celebrity photo worth photoshopping gets a makeover these days, thanks to the photoshopping community online. And while some of them are done either by the celebrities themselves, here are some that were done by professionals for magazines or brands.

1. Britney Spears allowed airbrushed images from a shoot published with un-retouched pictures so people could tell the difference.

2. Kate Winslet's torso and legs were slimmed down in 2009 by GQ but someone forgot there was a mirror in the background.

3. Jennifer Lawrence's appearance in GQ has been altered with her stomach, legs, arms and face appearing slimmer and given a more prominent rib cage.

4. Kim's hips look slimmer and the color of her clothes have been altered too with Kim calling them out on Twitter saying, "BTW Tabloid, please don't photoshop my clothes!" Clearly, she was fine with everything else.

5. Grazia magazine made Kate's waist smaller, but was then forced to release a statement detailing what had happened. They explained they had to remove William from the image and the digital consequence was slimming down Kate's arm and her waist.

6. Keira Knightley's complexion has been evened out and given bigger boobs for the movie King Arthur.

7. Complex Magazine mistakenly released an un-retouched photo of Kim (left) on their website. The image was replaced with the one on the right.

8. Demi Moore's face got smoothed out. No wrinkles at all!

9. Every part of Jennifer Lawrence got photoshopped for Flare magazine. See below:

10. Katy Perry was heavily airbrushed for Rolling Stone magazine. Her boobs have been plumped up, stomach removed, legs slimmed down.

11. Avril Lavigne lost three quarters of her arm thanks to MAxim.

12. Kourtney and her baby's clothing changed color, her stomach has been slimmed down to make her look like she lost all her post pregnant weight.

13. Kate Upton's stomach appears flattened and her boobs seem smaller for SI's 2012 Swimsuit Issue.

14. Vogue airbrushed Kate Winslet's face so much that she doesn't even look real.

15. At 10 months old, Prince George got his first dose of photoshop. The selected image for the cover below showed him with lighter cheeks, hair, eyes and eyebrows.