Your love and hate relationship with your bra will go a long way more. You love it because it keeps your privates, private. You hate it because the list of reasons to do is kinda long. Here are some 15 reasons why bras suck:

1. You can't wear backless dresses with them.

2. Not to mention, they're actually expensive.

3. Strapless bras require a lot of maintenance.

4. They don't like to stay in place.

5. And this is the kind of things we see all day that remind us we need to wear one:

6. They pinch you at the back.

Okay, you get the picture.

7. Wardrobe malfunction, when your bra betrays you.

8. Strap twists.

9. Bad tan lines.

10. Washing and drying them.

11. Nipples attract attention better.

12. They're uncomfortable.

13. You don't need to wear one with a sweater, but you do. Why?

14. You don't have to worry about not matching your bra and shirt anymore.

15. They get in the way of action. Or do they?

On the plus side, bras don't suck because you get to wear them with this: