Jennifer Lawrence is still the coolest chick around and her care-free attitude is what makes her so attractive and inspiring. Here are some more 13 reasons why she should be your role model.

1. On red carpet talks: it's all about food!

2. On fashion:

3. On being totally cool with tripping.

4. She knows how to sneak a finger in.

5. On the subject of being mean and unsupportive.

6. When she's clearly okay with chugging a drink.

7. When she revealed just how easy it was for her to "look like this."

8. She also revealed it on stage.

9. On being happy with the way she looks:

10. And being skinny or good looking.

11. She overeats sometimes. Probably best not to follow this one.

12. On her opinion of her weight.

13. On body image: