Gossip Girl may be over, but its style lives on and is still very relevant. One of the stye purveyors - Serena Van Der Woodsen, is undoubtedly one of the best dressed characters in the show. For one, she looks fantastic in just about anything you put on her. Check it out below:

1. This tight orange dress with a headband.

2. Mixing florals and bright yellow. How do you do that?

3. This shiny dress with lots of cutouts.

4. Purple and teal can match!

5. This strapless black gown. PURE ELEGANCE!

6. Wearing it tight at the top and loose at the bottom works.

7. Mixing a red leather jacket with knee high boots and a short skirt.

8. Shoulder pads aren't that bad looking actually.

9. Patterned tights look really good.

10. This casual look with knee high stockings.

11. This dress with wings at the bottom. Not everyone can pull it off.

12. This is a clash of everything from checks to pin stripes and other kinds of prints.

13. This low cut fancy gown that's got SEXY written all over it.

14. Geometric-glittery dress with a jacket over.

15. Wearing nothing but bright colors here.

16. It is very possible to look stylish while trying to keep warm.

17. This lace gown with a train:

18. This incredible looking dress, if you have long legs.

19. And finally, this pink dress: