Getting tired of the look you're wearing right now? How about you change it up a bit? Here are some easy-to-follow beauty hacks that are pretty efficient and less time-consuming than normal. Check it out:

1. Make your ponytail look longer by creating two ponytails.

2. DIY curls with these wrapping tricks.

3. Set your eyeliner on fire for a while to make it an instant gel liner.

4. Set your lipstick using translucent powder.

5. Get a French manicure using rubber bands.

6. The right way to use a bobby pin.

7. Use some vaseline with plastic wrap to rid blackheads.

8. Detox in the bath tub with these products you already have at home.

9. How to fill your eyebrows and make them fuller:

10. Exfoliate your lips before you apply lipstick.

11. Apply white eyeliner on your lids before putting eyeshadow on to make the color pop.

12. Test a foundation shade on your neck so you can get the right shade.

13. Use a spoon to get a really nice bow arch.

14. Add cinnamon essential oil to lipgloss for "pucker plumper" effect.

15. How to get 3D lips.

16. Hide dark circles by applying concealer in a triangle shape instead of a circle.