Parenting can be so tiring, that sometimes you wished there was a lazy and easy hack out of doing certain things around the house and for your kids. Turns out, there is! In fact, tons of it too! Here are some low cost hacks for the lazy parent:

1. A target in the toilet bowl to help improve aim.

Heck, even adults need this actually.

2. Freeze a batch of sandwiches ahead of time.

3. Don't want your kid to keep putting off their diaper? Put the onesie on backwards.

4. Instead of buying special locks, just use a really long ruler.


5. Bandaid your outlet covers. Simple as that!

6. Use a pizza cutter to cut pancakes up for kid's bite-size portions.

7. Draw your kids' feet on paper and go shoe shopping...without them!

8. Separate their clothes using the dot method.

9. Clean up glitter using a lint remover.

More hacks here.

10. Cut up a mandarin orange like this for them to eat.

11. Freeze yoghurt and serve it like ice cream.

12. Don't take away the device. Take the chargers instead.

13. Store legos in a shoe storage bag.

14. Let them explore their creativity but in a confined canvas.

15. Fix Barbie's head with a Sharpie.