Congratulations! You're pregnant and you're expecting your kid in the next couple of months! To fuel your excitement even further, here are some images showing you what goes on inside your womb. Check it out:

At just 4 days after fertilization:

The zygote has possessed a predetermined sex (this one is a girl!). Her DNA will guide her body's development over the next 40 weeks.

2. At just 5-6 weeks of gestation:

Despite being only a quarter of an inch long, the nose, mouth and ears are taking shape. Her heart is already beating about 100 times a minute and blood is beginning to circulate through her body.

3. At just 7 weeks gestation:

4. At about 10 weeks:

All of her major body functions are up and running. The kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver are all working. She will start to flex her tiny arms and legs now.

5. At 12 weeks:

She's busy stretching and kicking, and if you put your hand on your tummy, you might just get a response from her as her reflexes are starting to develop,

6. At 16 weeks gestation:

7. Sucking her thumb at about 18-20 weeks gestation:

At this time, she might have her own unique fingerprints already.

8. At 6 months gestation:

Your baby can now respond to external sounds by moving and increasing the pulse. You may also notice some baby hiccups. Don't worry. It's normal.

9. Around 6-7 months gestation:

10. At around 8 months gestation:

Your baby is almost at full term, and by this stage she's pretty much ready to come out.