Boundaries? Restraint? Uncheck those things, because it seems that this generation doesn't seem to practice those kinds of things. We're talking about posting whatever and everything to their social media for all to see. Here are some 15 stupid things that pretty much explain today's generation:

1. Documenting your crying moment.

2. Having no tact.

3. Priorities.

4. Not getting out much.

5. Having close to no brains.

6. Breaking up.

7. Repeat number 5 (no brains.)

8. Posting questionable pictures online.

9. Seeking out attention.

10. Regrets are for tomorrow.

11. Shame is not a subject.

12. Celebrity culture is serious game now.

13. Boredom is a real thing

14. The lack of human connections.

15. Unexplainable behavior.