Don't you just hate to run in to your ex? Even if you're not going to say anything to them, the whole process and experience is just horrifying. What do you do? Where do you hide? What do you say if you have to talk? Here are some 15 things you do when you unexpectedly bump into them.

1. You look for somewhere to hide, because you don't want to have an uncomfortable encounter.

2. You curse at just how batshit lousy your luck is in bumping into them.

3. You freeze, because you don't know what to do. You're seeking help on the inside (and maybe outside).

4. Some feelings come rushing back, if they were good, you'd feel stressed out.

5. And if it was a bad break, you might get emotional.

6. You ask yourself why is this happening?!

7. And if you had to go say hi, that's probably all you can say.

8. Your goodbye however, will be longer (in your head, perhaps).

9. You mentally resort to violence. Some people take it literally. Don't.

10. You try to fade into the background, repeating point 1.

11. Sometimes, you get so shocked, you're overwhelmed with it.

12. You give out an awkward "okay, bye.." wave.

13. You say stuff like this in your mind, or to yourself. Just don't say it to their face. It's rude. It's over.

14. And if it was a really bad break, once their backs are turned to you, you do this.

15. But screw all of that. Everything is over. Time to move on. You should do this: