Taking part in the Instagram Hunger Games? Here are some 13 secrets of serial Instagrammers you need to know. The number one rule of a good Instagram: take that picture again if it's not good.

1. Taking the right selfie takes several tries

2. You don't know why you're not getting enough likes

3. So the next time you post something, you wait until it is peak hours for liking

4. You're not a #nofilter person. You actually edit your pictures.

5. You also crop the ugly parts out because you're a pro

6. You sometimes geotag, because you wanna brag.

7. You're always wondering which filter to use best

8. Bragging is a skill you have mastered

9. You only take pics of you from your "good side"

10. You love chasing the likes

11. You know which picture has the most likes

12. When you have nothing interesting to post, you take food pics

13. Most of your instagram posts are planned, but who cares? It's a good pic!