The design of an office may sometimes play a role in making it a very nice environment to work at. These offices here aren't just beautiful in design, they were also made with that in mind to encourage and foster collaboration and ideas. It sure as heck makes you want to work there too. Check it out:

1. Google's Tel Aviv Office

Designer: Camenzind Evolution, Setter Architects, and Studio Yaron Tal
Photography: Itay Sikolski

2. Dropbox

Designer:  Boor Bridges Architecture + Geremia Design
Photography: Bruce Damonte

3. Facebook

Designer: Gensler
Photography: Jasper Sanidad

4. Google's Dublin office

Designer: Camenzind Evolution
Photography: Peter Würmli

5. Adobe

Designer: Rapt Studio (interior) + WRNS Studio (architecture)
Photography: Eric Laignel