Landed property is expensive. Not to mention upkeep! So these days, a lot of urban dwellers tend to choose condos as homes. While living in one isn't that bad as you think, here are some of the questions that most of them are probably sick of hearing.

1. What if you have a stomach ache?

What if you have a stomach ache anywhere? What's the difference?

2. Don't you like a garden?

And sacrifice all that time to chill out in my apartment? Pass!

3. Really, how often do you use your pool and gym?

Okay, sure, this is valid. But wouldn't it be great to use a pool that no one uses? It is like your own private pool.

And working out in a gym with no one is stress-free. No one is looking at you!

4. The maintenance fees are the worst thing!

It's not that bad, considering you're actually paying for security and maintaining the facilities around the place.

5. Your car to your apartment is far away..

So you can't see your car. Is that such a big deal? Do you look out your window at home to check out your car all the time? You don't!

6. There are too many rules in a condo.

Rules are great for one reason: everyone lives by a standard. Like listening to the loud music from your neighbor at 3 in the morning? Didn't think so! You can't do stuff like that in condos!

7. What if the lift breaks down?

Sure. This is a legitimate concern. But the chances of this ever happening is only in a Hollywood movie. You probably work in a building, and if you are so afraid of lifts, take the stairs next time.

8. Or assholes doing this in the lift:

We don't have any comeback for this, but in our defense, this can happen anywhere.

9. Or blackouts in the lift!

Like we said, any where.

10. You mean you have to pay to do a barbeque?

Some of the perks of living in a condo is that you get a really nice area to barbeque at. But they require a deposit from you because of the chance you might be a really messy kind of dick. Or if you mess up anything there for the next person.

11. What if it collapses?

I don't know construction 101, but it is pretty clear that every building has to pass some kind of safety examination.

12. Not much of a scenery isn't it?

Sometimes we see another condo outside our windows. Sometimes we see trees, and more. The same goes for land home-dwellers. Your neighbors' ugly decorations sure look nice.