Kpop is not just about music. It's about the performance. And what a show these guys put on. Here are 13 names we came up with for these K-pop dance moves. Check them out:

1. "Meh".

Better than Miley's.

2. "Post modern flasher"

Sexier than Jennifer Lawrence:

3. "Ground-fighting"

Okay, nothing beats Donnie Yen.

4. "Sexy Opera"

Better than this?

image via flickr

5. "Snap! That's how it's done bitch.."

Add: hip movement and snapping action.

6. "Power rangers, transform!"

Almost better than the Power Rangers, but good effort guys.

7. "Let's do the twist"

Which is better?

8. "So cute it hurts"

Yes, this is really cute.

9. "Windy wacky waving man in real-life"

The wacky wavy man can't compete with that.

10. "Korean twerk"

Family safe, compared to Miley's version:

11. "Butt-pat"

No glitter is fine.

12. "The bloom"

Like a flower!

13. Kamen Rider Black

Intense bro.