IKEA instructions aren't really that hard to follow, if you only take a while to understand them. But still, there are a ton of people who just find it difficult. Maybe it needs some words. Maybe it needs more pictures. Either way, here are some 17 people who just gave up.

1. This is called giving-up.

2. This can't be a chair right?

3. Too bad they're not facing the right way.

4. Looks like it's "start over again".

5. Could this closet be any less of a disaster?

6. Abstract art?

7. Something is really wrong here.

8. When no thought and planning go into things.

9. Do you know what's wrong with this bed?

10. Only tiny people sleep on top.

11. Why do people keep doing this?

12. Abstract art 2.

13. Bar stools for short and really really tall people.

14. Is this even a chair?

15. Let's mix up the knobs.

16. Wrong size frame.

17. The most uncomfortable office chair ever.